—Millennials are on their way to becoming the most educated generation in US history.
—In spite of a challenging economy, 9 in 10 of those surveyed say that they have enough money at the moment or that they will eventually reach their long-term financial goals.
—Like most age groups, they believe they have a unique and distinct identity (61 percent of survey respondents agreed); what makes them unique is that a large percentage (24 percent) say it’s because of their use of technology.
—Three-quarters have started a profile on a social networking website, and 1 in 5 have posted a video of themselves online. Most, however, have put privacy boundaries on their social media profiles.
—Members of the millennial generation respect older generations, with a majority saying their elders are superior when it comes to moral values, respect for others and work ethic.
—Millennials, for the most part, have grown up in a world full of possibilities and constant innovation, and their confidence, optimism, creative thinking and willingness to embrace new challenges make them an asset to your team. Instead of becoming exasperated at their way of doing things, take the time to ask questions and try to understand how they approach situations. Learn from them, and share your knowledge and experience with them as well.

If you are a recent graduate looking for the one career to bring you incredible satisfaction, the ability to change lives and build life long relationships, look no further. If you are a Senior Advisor looking to add human capital to your Practice, then you need to consider a Millenial.