It’s a New Year. You had the Holidays to rest up and do what you wanted or needed to do. More than likely you had grandiose ideas about what you will do differently at the start of this new year. Will you get into shape, drink, aet, worry and complain less, focus on your relationships, work harder, etc,? But, chances are, like so many others and so many years past, great thoughts see little action. Why is that? How do you distinguish between waiting and procrastination? If you are legitimately waiting for timing to be right and inspiration to emerge on a creative project or to better your self, you probably have no problem waiting. If you are procrastinating (there is something to do that you know needs to be done) then you need to identify your next action. And then you want to split the atom!

The atom is a very small thing, yet very powerful when split. The smallest acts are like atoms. They often turn out to be the most important acts of our lives. So once you identify the big scary thing or task as a distortion produced by your own worried mind, I want you to go small, as small as possible. Thn ask, “What should I be doing now?” Then do the action!

When I recommend individuals to slow down it goes against their inner anxiety – the anxiety that runs their lives – as they strain so hard against their leash. The leash begins to choke them off and they start to lose oxygen. At night, they don’t sleep, they just eventually pass out. No wonder no valid plans for the future can be made. Those plans are all fear based (invalid) because they want a better world than the one that presents itself in this next conversation, this world of infinite opportunity.