Carl Latting is one of the top Millennial Coaches in the Country. Carl has authored a book titled, “Help! I Manage Millenials! It is a great book highlighting proven techniques to help great managers close the generation gap. While Part 4 shares 50 tips for managing Millenials, I would like to list his first 10. They are:
1) Provide opportunities for employee teamwork.
2) Create events for employees and associate coworkers to gather outside of the workplace.
3) Require an open, tolerant environment that values a diverse workforce.
4) Redirect confident and ambitious attitudes.
5) Enable them to do multitasking in a fast paced environment.
6) Give them frequent feedback about their work.
7) Assist Millenials in meeting their own very high expectations.
8) Seek to partner them with more mature coworkers.
9) Present challenging tasks and duties when possible.
10) Develop a desire to respect their ideas.