So you are trying to finish finals. Perhaps you have to finish finals, you are graduating and then trying to seek employment. Then you have the Holidays mixed in. Just writing this makes me anxious and has me feeling overwhelmed. So what is one to do?

Your problem is not that you are overwhelmed. Your problem is an attachment to the story of overwhelm. Truthfully, are you overwhelmed? Or do you just feel that way? Let us really look at your last 5 days or perhaps the last week. Let’s just isolate one of those hours. Let’s take a look at this “overwhelm” and see if it’s really there.

You are not, in this hour we’ve chosen to look at, at all overwhelmed, are you? Not in this particular hour. But your story is that you are. You can drop that story. You can tell a different story. Try this story: “I’ve only got one thing to do! How liberating. It’s the one thing I’m doing right now.”