Your clients have a plan. Do you have a plan? You are successful because you meticulously plan and execute for your client’s success. Advisors Ahead frequently notes many of the best “planners” don’t plan for their growth or for the continuity of their Financial Advice Practice. As you have evolved as a professional, your role has changed from Sole Practitioner to a Team Leader. Planning must be central to this continuing evolution. Developing your plan should start with self-examination of your strengths, personal preferences and “the best use of your time”. Your planning will quickly lead to needing additional resources to allow for delegation and as levers to accelerate growth. And, these developing associates will provide a foundation for your continuity and possibly stage your late-career transition. Ask yourself: If professional talent and their development is vital to the life and growth of my practice, do I have sufficient time, energy and expertise to 1) source, 2) select and 3) train them? Advisors Ahead specifically provides solutions to the three questions! Inspired by the possibilities to impact Financial Advisors, Advisors Ahead was built to address these critical needs. Please join the live Webinar on May 14th at 4 pm. E.T. with Cetera’s strategic partner Advisors Ahead to learn about this new program helping you attract and develop the “next generation of your practice”.