When people tell me they have time management issues, my objective is to find out the real issues. It’s not about finding better techniques or tips because that is not the issue. What I want to find out is what is beneath the surface of the time management problem.  What if you had a clear objective, a clear purpose, like you were going to go to my home town Chicago to visit me. You are on your way to the airport and somebody asks if you have a minute. You would simply say, “No, I don’t right now because I am on my way to the airport”.

That is purpose. That is the Warrior coming out of you. A bold you. Purpose makes you that way. You would get into your car and either call that person on the phone or perhaps make an appointment to talk to him at a later time. You have no problem managing your time. You are on a mission. You are keeping a commitment and when you are operating in that mode you never have a time management problem. You always know what to say “yes” to and what to say “no” to. With a clear mission there is never a time management problem. Even if your car broke down, you would jump into  a cab to make that flight. Nothing gets in your way of you going to Chicago. You have a strong purpose and are so focused that you know exactly when to say “yes” and when to say “no”.

The problem of time arises when you wake up and have no purpose. There is no focus. Then you walk into your day of never ending demands with no sense of purpose. There is no mission. There is no primary goal. Then you get into that never ending pleasing scenario. You have a minute? Sure! Then the answer is always “yes”. You say “yes” to everyone. You open up every e-mail. You take every call. Next thing you know, you’re falling behind. You have a time management problem. Then you are telling everyone on your team how busy you are. You go home exhausted and tell your spouse how busy you are. The simple truth is you have no direction. No purpose. You stopped being a Warrior. There is no mission.

Let’s be bold. Let’s be brave and always have purpose and a mission. Be strong to stay on mission. Remember, you are going to Chicago!