Time is perhaps the rarest of all commodities. With each passing second, we have less of it. It can never be replaced. Yet, we go through life as if it will never end. With the never ending demands of existence and with the rapid pace of technological changes, what can one do to better manage time? Here are a few suggestions:
* The key to next generation time management is more about deciding what not to do. You do not have time to do everything. Saying “no” is a powerful weapon.
* Whenever you can create a process today, you will be saving time tomorrow. Automation is key. Auto bill pay, dollar cost averaging monthly, etc., will all create a positive
compounding effect.
* There are over 1.5 million apps on that you can download. Which ones can save you time and money?
* Restricting screen time whether its on your phone or on your computer is key. It is so easy to waste time on social media sites, reading e-mails or texts. What can you eliminate or limit?
* Giving the people you are with unlimited attention is so critical to success. It builds relationships, accelerates learning and quiets the mind. Valuable time is so often wasted in uncompleted
tasks. Stay focused at all cost.
* Plan out your day right at the start. Forget all of the complicated to-do-lists and gimmicks. Invest a few minutes at the start of each day to give your self hours of added time and peace of