Watching Rory McIlroy finish winning the third leg of the Grand Slam was a thing of beauty. He led the Open Championship from the first round and never looked back. Only 7 golfers in the rich 145 year history of the Open have ever accomplished such a goal. Only two other players have ever won three majors before the age 25: Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. But the real message today is finishing things you start. And, finishing strongly. It doesn’t make a difference if its working in the gym, college, or a project at the office; YOU HAVE TO FINISH! This is the step in problem-solving that most people really don’t want to do. But that, in itself, creates new problems!

The name of that step is “complete.”

What you want to do with every project, every important aspect of your life, is to complete the tasks to reach your goals. If you only solve part of it you’ll still carry it around as unfinished business. All warriors, top athletes and professionals finish things off. Always. They have the killer instinct. I cannot emphasize strongly enough the mental toughness that needs to be honed to do this. But, like any muscle, the more you use it the easier it gets. The keys are focus, eating right, plenty of gym time and mental focus and discipline. With those ingredients, you have the tools to finish all tasks. Then you will see the value in your life in completing things.