The Millenials, born between 1976 and 2001, are approximately 80 million strong. By the year 2020, nearly half of all U.S. workers will be comprised of this generation. They will be a significant force in this country and will be filling many roles and leadership positions as the Baby Boomers retire. Advisors Ahead is an expert in working and understanding this generational phenomenon. By adding a Millenial to your Practice, you will find they offer a refreshingly new vision to your clients and staff. Their attributes are as follows:
—They are active and want to be involved in Leadership roles.
—The are very collaborative and enjoy working on a team. Think how many sports they have played and how many coaching sessions they have had growing up.
—They are very use to multi-tasking and dealing with an unstructured flow of work.
—They thrive best in an environment with very little structure and one that offers a lot of flexibility.
—The are very use to networking and are capable of working with the latest technological advances.

These are just a few of the behavioral characteristics that they bring to the table. If your Practice needs more growth, younger clientele and more leverage, than talk to us. There is a world of talent just waiting for the right opportunity.