The beginning of the school year was always an interesting time for me. As a student, it was the end of the summer and the start of new classes, friends and the challenge of school work. Once out of school, it was a similar feeling that it was time to get back to business. No more picnics, going to the beach and family vacations. Some people dread this time of the year. Stay at home parents probably enjoy it for the simple fact they become empty nested for a half day or so. Others dread it as they got to get back to the more serious side of life.

I mention this as I would like for you to think about how you feel about this time of the year. Whether in relationships, business or life, most take a side of the coin. One side and way is to be a reactor. A reactor is always reacting to the other person’s moods and behavior. In general these people are always the victims. Its never their problem. They rarely take responsibility and they work hard at complaining or finding the glass half full. They go from desk to desk commiserating and always complain about how busy they are. If still in school, they always have a bad teacher and things just are not what they should be and that is the reason for poor grades.

The other is to be a creator. Creating a willingness to make a contribution to the other person’s life. Creating a willingness to enjoy the work, take on added responsibilities and being a team player. If in school, it doesn’t matter who the teacher or what the subject is. They just rise to the occasion and make it happen. They are the owner. They take personal responsibility.

Look around your office, at your circle of friends or in the classroom, fraternity or sorority. You will know the category that many fit. Where do you stand? Which side of the coin are you on? It’s much more fun to create. It takes less energy. And, it is much more rewarding.