I had three mentors in my life. My father, my best friends father and a business mentor. These individuals were instrumental in developing me as a man, a father and a business man. These individuals provided experience, success and love. They helped me chart a course for my life. A path to success. But as important, they were people whom I revealed my hopes, dreams and fears. I put these thoughts to them knowing that they would get me where I wanted to go. The elements that they provided me were:
—They helped me set expectations.
—The relationship was a two way street. In some many ways, they also benefitted from having the mentor relationship with me.
—Space and time had no bounds. Like true friends, they were, and some still are, there for me. A phone call puts us back to where we left off regardless of the time that past.
—The level of trust is very high. Through thick and thin, good or bad, they are always there.

Advisors Ahead provides these valuable mentoring relationships. If you are a Senior Advisor, share your time, experience and expertise nurturing a life and career of an Associate. If you are a soon to be or recent college graduate, check out opportunity@advisorsahead. Lets all make dreams into reality. Lets all secure the next generation of incoming Advisors.