This is the step in problem-solving that most people really don’t want to do. But that, in itself, creates new problems! The name of the step is “complete.” What you want to do with every project is to complete it. If you only solve part of it you’ll still carry it around as unfinished business. In fact, it takes more energy to carry around unfinished business than it does to complete everything on your list—-a lot more! Try it someday. You will be amazed. The more things that you complete, the more energy you’ll have. It’s a real paradox! When you finish something and complete it and tie a ribbon around it so now its done, your sense of energy about life goes up—it doesn’t go down. You are exuberant after completion. It feels awesome.

Notice at the end of a football game the team that wins is jumping all over the field. Where did they find the energy? You would have thought they left everything on the field? Now they go into the locker room and they are yelling and whooping it up. Then they go out and party all night. That’s because a victory on the field makes them feel gloriously complete. Now notice the team on the other side of the field. They’re just wiped out. They need help getting to the locker room.

So notice at the end of your day how the things that are incomplete will leave you feeling tired. From now on cross every task on your to-do list. Don’t just half finish it. Don’t just finish the important part and leave a few things hanging out there. Finish the whole thing and tie a ribbon around it. Remember, that one hour of planning saves three days of confusion. So, plan your day, complete everything and enjoy all of the energy.