Last week in Chicago, Peak Advisors Alliance hosted its annual Excell Conference. The event was well attended and incredibly well run. The Sr. Advisors who were lucky enough to attend received incredible Practice Mgmt., motivation and enjoyment for a job well done. The event was capped off with 5 Students from Advisors Ahead who were this years Scholarship recipients. Zac, Megan, Emily, Michelle and Jordan represented their Universities well. But, also were bright spots for the Industry as they represent its future. The Sr. Advisors rallied around them as they saw the talent, the enthusiasm and the intelligence capable of facilitating their respective Practices. The Students went from just College kids to being sought after by numerous Advisors who wanted to learn more about them and more about the possibility of them engaging with their Practices. If you have not considered an Associate from Advisors Ahead you should! Recent articles point to the following: Financial advisors who lack succession plans don’t just risk leaving money on the table and cutting clients loose to fend for themselves. Increasingly, they’re at a competitive disadvantage for not being able to show, clearly, that the practice can run without them.It’s not yet a top-line consideration consumers have in mind when assessing advisors, but it’s making itself felt around the edges. “We’re starting to see it play out now as advisors lose big accounts,” Tom Nally, head of TD Ameritrade’s custody unit, tells “Clients may not always ask about it, but they are thinking about it.”