Social media. What would we do without it? And the cell phone; its like another appendage. How do you feel when you misplace your cell phone? Your world comes crashing in all around you. The other day I saw a young man texting going about 40 mph. The sad truth is he didn’t know the light turned red and the traffic was stopped. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured. We text, we post and we say things we normally would not have the courage to say if we were in a face to face meeting. Like whiskey, social media gives many courage. It connects us, it makes life easier, we shop, we communicate, we share memories and there are many huge advantages to the technology we all have in the palms of our hands. But, sometimes we forget that what we post is similar to a tatoo. It’s really tough to remove. We have known a few to lose a possible job offering because of what was on a social media site. Then you have to ask your self was it worth it?

Dr. Nathaniel Branden taught me to ask myself questions. Is this act I’m about to do going to raise or lower my self-esteem? Is this day I am planning out going to end up raising my self-esteem or lowering it? Its a valuable guideline and one that I encourage everyone to remember. So, review your social media sites today. Are there items that should be removed?