I have seen many people fail with good intentions. These were great, highly educated people. They wanted to be successful but something got in the way of their goal. That something is a word called “should.” They all thought a lot about what they “should” have been doing to improve their chances for success. While they thought about what they should have been doing, they just perceived that they were just too busy to do those things. They were then consumed on their troubles versus their goals.

Successful people (Warriors) focus on the next quantum leap of success. You all know what you focus on grows! These people surprisingly do good things NOW. They cut through all of the nonsense of impressing people and leave only love, service and hard work in its wake. And NOW is when it happens. And if it cannot happen NOW, they set precise deadlines. They set those timelines NOW. They set the deadlines NOW, so they are still in the NOW. Deadlines soon become their best friend.

Our brains send us energy when we send it something very inspiring. But, it drags us down when we feed it something that is negative or depressing. The key to all of this is that “we” send it. Life and/or success doesn’t send the brain anything. Your friends and family don’t. The negative news certainly does not. Only we have access to the brain. This is a biology lesson you should never forget. Stay focused on your goals. Stay focused in the NOW. And, let your positive, action oriented NOW produce the results you want and deserve.