Financial Advisors are warriors as they do battle with their emotions everyday. You must be in shape to do this business at a high level for not just 10 years but for 25, 35 plus years. Markets, client emotions, personal health and family issues all can take a toll on your mind and body. Therefore, you must be in shape just like any other elite athlete who wants to stay at the top of their game. Brad Stevens, Boston Celtics Basketball Coach, shed his thoughts on what it takes to be the best. I believe there are plenty of analogies to draw from his wisdom.
—Planning is key as you always need to be thinking about the next play.
—Nutrition and sleep are two of the most underrated things as they are critical to allowing you to be at your best and maximizing yourself in all you do.
—He encourages sleeping 7 – 8 hours at night but if you need a nap by all means take a nap.
—Everyone needs to lift weights as strength is never a negative. The stronger you are, the more stress you can take on and the better you will perform.
—Confidence in your performance is so important. Planning, nutrition and getting proper sleep all help you build that confidence.
—Fear and intimidation are not long run motivators. You are either intrinsically motivated or you are not.