We are getting closer to another Graduating Class as the Fall semester comes to a close. Likewise, May is the largest graduating class and graduates are scrambling and hoping for the best opportunities. Look no further then a career in the Financial Services Industry. Working in your own franchise with a small number of highly talented and motivated people who have one goal: provide the best advice and service to their clients. Once you establish your self within the Practice, work/life balance is a real perk as this is not about punching a clock. This is all about growing “your” business. Now is the time to be applying. It is a family atmosphere. Work hard and play hard. I picked the below clip out as it reminded me what many are seeking and what being an Advisor is all about.

Balance Means a Friendly Workplace

For Millennials, work/life balance also means enjoying time spent with colleagues at work, and often interacting with them after hours. When asked what they wanted most from an employer, Millennials who listed work/life balance as their top career goal in Universum’s latest survey specified a friendly work environment as the top draw.
“They are not drawing a line between work and not-work as older generations are. They are integrating work with life. It’s someplace to go where you have fun and friends. The lines are really blurred,” Bailey says.

Bisceglia agrees. He provides happy hours and trolley rides for his employees in Chicago, and is planning Uber rides to a baseball game.

Von Pohlmann agrees that having friends at work is an important part of balance. She goes out to lunch with co-workers every day. They send one another instant messages throughout the work day and get together on their off-hours.

“It helps me want to go to work when I have friends there,” she says.

For employers, cracking the code to Millennial work/life balance doesn’t mean trying to control the new generation’s habits, but working with them. “It’s simple.