Advisors Ahead: Hiring the Next Generation of Financial Advisors

Advisors Ahead is an exciting new firm connecting recent graduates with financial services employers. We have launched an innovative model to better prepare candidates to succeed as Financial Advisors or Financial Planners.

Advisors Ahead prepares, trains, and transitions you to professional roles through our unique curriculum.  The Resident Program is a full-time paid position in offices across the U.S.  Candidates will have the potential opportunity to move into permanent full-time positions at their location during or at the end of the Resident program.

The Resident program is a great start to your career with the structured experiences combined with the training and development content.  Our Mentoring, Guidance, and Accountability™ system provides you the opportunity to Learn by Watching Success™ versus starting all on your own!

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The Resident Program Structure

As an Advisors Ahead Resident, you will work with a dynamic group of financial professional. You will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in areas such as financial planning, wealth management, marketing strategies, business operations, portfolio analysis, client acquisition and client management areas.

  • The Resident Program follows a comprehensive experience guide to ensure both structure and professional engagement
  • Includes weekly assignments and hands-on experiences
  • Each Resident will be provided with a dedicated supervisor at the office location
  • Bi-weekly checkpoints with an Advisors Ahead Relationship Manager to share information and to assess progress
  • The Advisors Ahead Resident Program is intended to be considered as work experience towards the CFP designation and other professional programs
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Introduction to a Career as a Financial Advisor

Check out the Advisors Ahead Webinar presented by our Founder and CEO, Craig Pfeiffer. In this brief presentation, Craig discusses the financial advising industry, the necessary skill-set of a financial advisor, what employers are looking for in an entry-level advisor, the client’s perspective, and the Advisors Ahead Residency Program. Please click the link above to view our current opportunities and apply today!

Resident Responsibilities

  • Exposure to the various business functions to gain an understanding of the different roles and components of business
  • Orientation to the industry and to the specific firm
  • Participate in the process of preparing financial planning proposals for clients
  • Participation in the preparation for client meetings and portfolio reviews
  • Work with assigned teams to assist with client acquisition opportunities
  • Use your knowledge of social media tools to develop marketing strategies
  • Observe internal operational and business meetings to learn the strategy and efforts in the professions
  • Prepare and study to obtain Series 7 and 66 licenses and potentially the CFP designation

Experience and Skills Required

  • Current College graduate, or graduating senior, with a BA/BS, or Masters, with coursework in Financial Planning, Business, Finance, Accounting or Economics
  • A strong interest in personal financial planning and wealth management
  • A passion to help people manage their financial futures
  • A team player, with willingness to go above and beyond to deliver excellence
  • Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal
  • PowerPoint, Excel and Word skills
  • Complex and creative problem solving ability
  • A 3.0+ Grade Point Average

Why choose Advisors Ahead?

Your learning experience includes a combination of learning activities and real world application, providing feedback and guidance for improvement, role playing and observation of real clients interactions. This is a critical component and differentiator of the Program. Each Candidate is delivered in depth-blended training by learning relevant material through various media, reinforced by industry experts then observed by their Practice Professional while receiving evaluation and feedback by the Senior Advisor, Team Members and Advisors Ahead. This process reinforces practical application, best practices, successful habits that in the end, will improve comprehension and success.

The Advisors Ahead curriculum is designed to immerse a Resident Candidate, along with their local sponsor in a guided and structured learning experience to enable the participant ready to contribute to an existing practice.

We Believe:

  • New Advisors need to take a consultative approach to serve clients holistically and in a
    comprehensive manner, not just discuss one product or service.
  • Learning is a life-long experience, but structure and immersion initially will create a Professional who is rapidly able to contribute to a Practice and to their clients well being.
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