You’re graduating and considering a career in financial services. Congratulations.

How do you know this is the right career choice for you?  How will you “stand out” from the roughly 2.8 million other graduates this spring?

We have the solution!  Think about this…

Imagine just how much you would be able to accomplish if you had a clear picture of the road ahead.  What if you knew how your unique personality, preferences, traits and behaviors will influence your future success? What if you were able to identify and improve areas you may struggle with, and also uncover strengths you didn’t even know you had?

We have built a suite of tools – called Advisors Ahead Student Solutions – that will make you more confident, more aware of what others see in you, and more focused on finding the right career-not just a high paying job. By using these tools, you are more likely to enjoy your job and your life in general.

Our process starts with a 20 minute survey.  Upon completion you will receive our Business DNA Summary Report which describes your “natural behavior” (Level 1) strengths and struggles with which you were born. Research shows that our behaviors or “personality” are mostly formed by age 3. We continue to learn behavior modifications (Level 2) as we mature. We are particularly impressionable as children so many of the behaviors learned during childhood can seem like “second nature.” However, we usually will exhibit our natural behavior more than we realize (especially in times of stress, when we are tired or over longer periods of time.)



“Our Business DNA Summary Report helps you understand your areas of strength and areas where you may struggle”

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AA Student Solutions Workbook

Now craft your resume and prepare for interviews!

 In addition to your assessment results, analysis, and commentary,  Advisors Ahead Student Solutions includes a custom Workbook designed to help you utilize the results.

The Business DNA Summary Report will help inform your decisions around pursuing a career in financial services. Is the financial  advisor role right for you? Or are you better suited for a role in research? Or should you consider a different industry altogether? The Business DNA Summary Report results will give you objective, predictive input into these important decisions.

For a new graduate hoping to enter the highly competitive field of financial services, you need to cover every angle to really stand out among your peers. The Business DNA Summary Report and Workbook Tools are designed to help you get there.

You’ve convinced me – where can I purchase the Advisors Ahead Student Solutions Program?

Right here. It’s quick and easy. Click on the button below. Have your credit card or Pay Pal information ready. The cost is only $39. Period. This includes the Assessment, the Report, and the Workbook. It’s a great deal.

The Assessment and the Workbook will be available immediately upon confirmation of your payment.  The Report  will be delivered just a few minutes after you fully complete and submit the Assessment.

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