Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain!

I don’t want to assume that I’m always going to be in the same state of mind, and that I’m always going to be inspired, even that I’m always going to remember what I’m up to. I don’t want to assume that. So I need to advertise back to myself what I’m up to. What’s my goal? What am I here to achieve? And so I use all kinds of little things. I put sayings up where I can see them. Or, I read inspiring books. Then I say, ” Boy, I hope I get that feeling again someday with some other book!”

That makes me a victim of fate and fortune. So I want to decide, okay, my goal now, what I’m going to do now is every day, at a certain point, either at lunch or breakfast, I’m going to read two pages out of that book. Because that advertises back to me what it is, what state of mind I want to be in. Everything in life is a creation. We are not at the mercy of (fill in the blank).