The beautiful thing about Elvis Presley is that his life can teach us all so many lessons. During the first part of his life, he would go out in front of thousands of people and he would challenge himself to express himself from the heart. He would rid himself of all fear as he sang differently, danced differently and he was like no other person in the world. Let the chips fall where they may. Even today with all the better production values on all the music, you can hear the raw talent and feel the energy. This comes from living a life of constant challenge, but its voluntary challenge. It is absolute joyous challenge. He challenged himself and he challenged the world.

Later in his life, it was completely turned around. His life became a life of comfort, a life of ease, a life of people around him, a life of people taking care of him feeding him drugs, deep fried peanuts and banana sandwiches. His life went in the opposite direction. There were no more challenges. There was no challenge in his world, and because there was no challenge, he lost his strength and when his strength went away, he became obese, his voice closed up, he couldn’t sing like he used to and his life became a nightmare. He was the man who kept seeking comfort instead of seeking challenge. This is a lesson for us all!