Seven Life Tools

Kari Joys wrote a piece called, “Seven Life Tools – How to Stay Lighthearted in Challenging Times.” Let me get right to her 7 points:
1) See every opportunity as an opportunitiy to grow.
2) Change your negative thoughts and beliefs about your challenges to positive thoughts and beliefs.
3) Cry the tears that need to be cried as tears clean the windows of your soul.
4) Imagine in living color what it would be like if a total miracle happened in your life.
5) Brainstorm possible solutions until you find one that feels good to you.
6) Practice showing love to every person you come in contact with.
7) Look at the funny side of life and find things to laugh about. Share your sense of humor.

Repeat reading these 7 items every day. Once you get started, you may want to continue practicing these 7 items for the rest of your life.

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