We hear that word over and over again when our sports heroes are interviewed. Tiger Woods set the bar very high for the Professional Golfer as his regimen was grueling but created incredible results. Now, the top golfers all follow a similar discipline to get to the top of the field. It works for other professions and for other aspects of a persons life.

Only the disciplined are free!

Because there is no freedom in being undisciplined at the mercy of the market, weather, family, friends or workplace complaints and bad attitudes. There’s no freedom in that! There is only total bondage and depression. And paradoxically, the more disciplined I am with my actions, and with my time, the more disciplined I am in who I choose to communicate with and where I choose to guide my 60,000 daily thoughts each day. The more disciplined I become, the more free I am to have the life that I want. If I conduct myself in a disciplined and organized manner, I have much more free time. I am happier and more productive.