Og Mandino became one of the greatest salesman but he did not start out as a success. He was a failure as an insurance salesman……going out late at night drinking at bars and became a suicidal alcoholic. One night he went to the library instead of the bar and picked up a book written by W. Clement Stone. The book was about positive mental attitude. From the time he picked up that book, his whole life turned around. In a moment he became one of the most grateful sober and successful people of all time.

“Which two, among a thousand wise men and women, will define success in the same words? Yet, failure is always described but one way: Failure is a person’s inability to reach their goals in life, whatever they may be.”


We at Advisors Ahead carry on his work, all of us do, all of us who want to work hard, care for others and who want to leave this world a better place.