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Our Fall 2014 program is currently in session.  Please continue to follow us for future Session Dates.


Advisors Ahead is committed to the next generation of Financial Advisors and Financial Planners.  Wealth management firms need entry-level Financial Advisors as the outlook for this professional career has never been brighter.  Investors are facing complicated scenarios and they need professional advice, especially as they transition to their retirement years.  “Personal Financial Advisor” has been named as the number one career to experience significant growth over the next several years, while “Financial Planner” has been listed as the fifth best job out of two hundred jobs ranked.

The Advisors Ahead Preparatory Program is a series of webcasts and activities for sincerely interested candidates developing their communication skills, relationship dynamics and workplace performance. The program prepares you for our in-the-field Internship and Resident Programs. Candidates enjoy exposure to realistic client experiences, hear insight to industry trends, and receive thought leadership from industry veterans. The overall experience helps accelerate career success for the best candidates and provides a path to opportunities after graduation.

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From Preparatory Program participants:

“The Advisors Ahead Preparatory Program has given me a very valuable introduction to a career as a Financial Advisor. The DNA Behavior information has been incredibly useful. It made me realize how important it is to work on my interpersonal skills if I want to be a successful Advisor, and how important these skills are in the industry.”
“The Preparatory Program sessions have been very beneficial in several ways and it is helpful to hear about the career from individuals who have worked extensively in the financial services industry.”
“The Preparatory Program classes are awesome in giving us an overview of what to expect in the career. The program helped me identify my personality traits through various assessments and assisted with advice on communication skills and workplace behavior.”
“The Preparatory Program works for me because I am interested in a job in the financial services industry that has the opportunity to meet with clients and help them plan and change their lives on a daily basis.”