Do the things you’re procrastinating on. That is my advice to help you cure procrastination. List the three things you’ve procrastinated on. Do those three things. Those three things will be your first three steps. If you really want real steps that will always work in a guaranteed way. Why didn’t you do those things before? Why do you care? I don’t care if it was fear, laziness, or because your father never told you how to do it. I don’t care about anything like that.

Emerson has written many wonderful essays on this and one of the things he said is “Do the thing and you shall have the power.” That’s the opposite of what most people think. They think, “I don’t seem to have the power to do the thing! That’s my problem. I don’t really have the willpower or the energy to DO THE THING!” Well, OK. If you’re a procrastinator on working out, go do it. Then do it again, and do it again, and I promise you the procrastination will go away. As I have said on other occasions, the best question to ask your self is, “What should I be doing now?” Then do the action! Movement. Action. Decisive energy stops procrastination almost every time.