In a prior blog, I wrote how many people fail to achieve their true potential because they procrastinate the very thing(s) they should be doing. In that blog, I mentioned one of the most powerful phrases, “What should I be doing now?” Action, decisive movement solves procrastination almost every time. Just the sheer act of beginning to do something creates the inertia to get things done.

The great philosopher Emerson had something to say about resolving procrastination as well. He said, “Do the thing and you shall have power.” That’s the opposite of what most people think. They think, I don’t seem to have the power to do the thing! That’s my problem. I don’t really have the willpower or the energy to DO THE THING!”

Well, I am convinced that if you are a procrastinator on doing chores, homework or certain tasks at the office or around the home, go do them! Then do them again, and do them again, and I promise you the procrastination will go away. The simplest cure is simply doing the things you don’t want to do. It’s such a simple cure and it’s the last thing people really want to do because they don’t really want to cure procrastination. They want to find some mysterious fault in themselves and then try to examine this fault (even if it takes years or a life time) rather than do the “thing.” So the next time you seem to be avoiding something, you now know what to do. Just do the very thing you wish to avoid.