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Very interesting article in Investors Business Daily by Michael Mink dated 2/24/15. Michael gathered information from Rory Vaden who authored a book titled, “Procrastinate On Purpose.” Vaden suggests putting tasks through a focus funnel: What can’t be discarded, done by technology or given to someone else is for you to do immediately. Here are his suggestions:
1) Eliminate: Next generation time management is more about deciding what not to do. By learning to say no, you are multiplying time.
2) Automate: When you create a process today, you are saving time tomorrow.
3) Find the app: Using smart phone technology multiplies hours when you know the right application to access. Evernote, Pzizz and Hootsuite are some favorites.
4) Delegate: Become a multiplier, accepting imperfection and gaining time.
5) Procrastinate on purpose: You do not manage time – you choose how to invest your time. Busy is not productive.
6) Concentrate: Don’t multitask. Rather, by going all in on the task, you will multiply time because you’ll complete it faster.
7) Restrict screen time: Devote your attention to the achievement of your goals.
8) Accelerate engagement: Give people the gift of your undivided attention.
9) Plan: Forget complicated to-do-lists. Invest 15 minutes creating your stratgey for the day.

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