Everyone must deal with difficult times in their life. You always have two ways to respond to any difficult circumstance: as an owner or as a victim. When you are confronted with difficulty, stop and think of these two options. Make sure you are paying attention to how you are describing things to yourself. If you are wondering how you’re going to “get through” some experience, ask yourself to breathe a little more deeply and translate your language into that of an owner, just try it on, as if you were trying on a baseball cap. Put it on frontwards, then put it on backwards. Try saying to yourself, perhaps even out loud as you’re getting started, “How can I use this problem? What can I get from this experience? What is the gift inside of this? What is it here to teach me?”

If you listen carefully enough to your problem, you’ll begin to get things from it. You will no longer want to get through it. Soon it will no longer even be thought of as a “problem.” It will become a teacher, or another small but creative turning point in your life. And you’ll be in charge of those turning points, like an architect inventing a city, putting a street here and a building there. People will notice that you have changed. They may even call you a dreamer. But you’re not the only one. We have a whole bunch of us here!