The little things are usually the most boring things. How does a warrior handle the boring things in life that typically fill up one’s day? Like writing checks, doing laundry, buying groceries or cleaning the house? Well, a warrior does all of these small things with great effectiveness. They do it with a sense of humor, inventiveness and humor. They sing when they do dishes. They slow down and enjoy everything.

If I continuously activate the “boring” category in my head it is going to be a long day. I’ll drag myself around wondering how I can get it all done. What’s boring is up to me. It’s completely in my control. I can do any task any way I want and I can have as much fun with it as I choose. So now I just do it. I do all the boring stuff with flair and grace. Because it’s on this structure I call a calendar.

What do I feel like doing right now? That is the worst question I could ever ask myself during my work day. On the weekend that is an O.K question. “What do I feel like doing.” I’ll watch a little T.V, I’ll take a bike ride or play a little golf.” That’s fine, but in my workday, the feeling question is the worst question I can ask myself. The best questions are “What do I want to produce?” and “What structure would guarantee that?”