Ernest Schackleton has been called the greatest leader in history. He tried reaching Antarctica on several occasions but never made it. In April 1916, he and his crew were trapped in dangerously moving ice. He set out with 5 others in a 22 foot boat to sail for 800 nautical miles to find land and help. They sailed for 17 days and then finally had to walk 30 miles with mountains rising over 10,000 feet. He accomplished this amazing feat and went back to rescue the other men. I write this as the lessons are very applicable to building and running a successful Advisory team or for managing life itself. Here are the pearls of wisdom garnered from this courageous leader:
—Teamwork can produce miracles
—He made it a point to know all team members well and their strengths and weaknesses
—He took diverse individuals to form effective teams
—He strongly believed in the importance of praise and gave constructive feedback regularly
—He believed in the importance of setting optimistic goals no matter what the situation was
—He always asked for advice from a variety of sources, not just those at the top and finally,
—Plan every option in detail

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