Kevin Plank is a name that few people know. But, when I say the words Under Armour, you instantly know the company. Kevin began the company in his grandmothers basement at the age of 22. He is now the NO. 2 sports apparel company in the world and worth just shy of $3 Billion. What makes him so great is his tenacity to win. Kevin states,”What drives me is the love of winning – and fear of losing.” He goes on to say, “Sometimes the best decision is just making a decision.”

This type of thinking separates so many who want to be successful but who seem to never get there. Too often many procrastinate. When you feel procrastination setting in, ask your self one question, “What should I be doing now?” Action. Decisive energy and movement solves procrastination almost every time. Not doing anything is a decision and often times the wrong one. So if you feel like you are frozen, ask your self that one question and you will see how much more you are capable of accomplishing.