Noel Coward, a famous Playwright once said, “Work is more fun than fun.”

I mentioned this quote in a speech I once gave and a hand went up right way. The person said, “Yeah, right, who is this guy? He must be a movie star or a professional athlete.”

That line got a great laugh at my expense, but it also revealed a truth (which almost all humor does). People believe that the fun jobs are always somewhere else. “If only I had a job like that!” “If only I had become a pro golfer.” But the truth is that fulfilling and fun work can be found in anything. The more we consciously engage in the beauty and passion of the one thing we are doing in this moment, the more fun work becomes. It isn’t the work, it’s the mind we bring to it. It’s the spirit.

Being a Financial Advisor is a lot of work and responsibility. Taking care of a persons hard earned money is serious business. Yet, there are so many aspects of the job that I neither have the time or space to detail all of them. But if you are a passionate person, a person who enjoys building relationships and caring for others, and doing great deeds in your community, then being an Advisor is a blast! Lets have some fun today.