We live in an embarrassment of information. We are connected to everything. No time to unplug. It’s all here. A few keystrokes away. And, the only downside is its intoxication. We all can become drunk on all of the options. Facebook, Twitter, games, blogs, videos, social media; there is no end to where we can go. Two hours later we step back from the screen and wonder where the time went. Sure, we took a lot in, but what went out? What did we produce? That is when its time to take your sword out and carve out the clutter. To open a space for creation. For it is this active creation that will produce real happiness and wealth. Not information!!!

Sure we know the value of self-education. But, intuitively we must, sooner or later, provide service to others. We must create something of value with our time. Therefore, more than ever, focus is vital. The seductive power of information is enormous. We are creating something of real value when all of a sudden: little dings and beeps and clicks from our devices call us like the bartender asking, “Can I pour you another?”

It is so easy to feel important and busy as we get strung along the information highway. One hour after another gets strung out. We are strung along until we are strung out. Our only hope is to go non-linear. We cannot take refuge in the old fashioned time management tools. We can’t go the route of linear organizing and organizing with a task list. But rather, we must rise up. We must make better use of this moment now. Lets pull something out of the future and do it now. In this very moment. This eternal moment. Life is about creating something of value. Its in the doing not in the viewing!