Words are very powerful. Use language that generates action rather than imaginary fear of the future. All fear comes from negative imaginary future thinking. By using the word “produce” your day will be generative and lead to incredible action. If you want to move closer toward achieving your goals, start your morning with this question, “What would I like to produce today?” If you have a meeting, ask your self before going in, “What would I like this meeting to produce?” Most people use the much weaker, “What do I hope will happen?” Or , even worse, “What do I hope doesn’t happen?”

If you think always about producing what I want, then you will always be returning to your power base. Do I want to produce an agreement? Do I want to grow my business? Do I want to create a better client experience? Do I want to open more accounts? Do I want to create stronger relationships? What I produce is up to me!