Dr. Shawn Achor, author of Positive Intelligence, has spent many years after his Harvard Graduation, discovering the link between happiness and productivity. As we are bombarded with negativity everyday, brain chemistry changes which takes a toll on our ability to be happy and more productive. The brain can be retrained in just 21 days to be more optimistic, happier and therefore more productive. It just takes a few minutes each day for three weeks to begin noticing the results in brain scans. Here are his suggestions:

1) List three things you are grateful for and read them everyday.
2) The fun 15 – do cardio for 15 minutes. Has same effect as taking Zoloft on brain chemistry.
3) Meditation – quiet the mind.
4) Conscious acts of kindness – e mail friends and send a positive note 3x/day for 21 days.
5) Doubler – write down a positive event you experienced during the day and read it several times at days end.

Try one of these tips. What do you have to lose other than a bad attitude and bad feelings.