In your life, you have noticed people who are always looking for the “perfect” job, partner, friends and team members.When business and life is good, it could always be better. Happiness is knocking on their doors,  but they never seem to find it. They waste time looking for the perfect partner instead of creating. They waste time looking for happiness instead of making someone else happy. They waste time looking for purpose when its right there in front of them. They fall in love with stories instead of people. They fall in love with a story called wealth instead of life’e wealth.

And, then suddenly, as if to wake up, wealth and love stop coming in. So they switch lovers. They seek new employers. They change friends or team members. Always looking down life’s long linear road for a better future.

If they wanted to end this, they just need to carve out a sacred “now” and stay inside it until they create the perfect love, job and life. Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, they had the power themselves the whole time. And, so do you!