If you are passive and don’t go to war with your old, smothering, limited beliefs then time will ruin you. But the more you go to war the more liberated you become because the “enemy called time” retreats so fast. Then it surrenders to you. And you don’t have to know how to do it. Knowing takes time. Choosing, on the other hand, makes time. Just choose to do it. Learning “how to” takes lots and lots of time. Past, present and future. But choosing! That takes no time at all. When you choose you’ve already chosen. In the moment of the choice you have already chosen. It’s already in the past. No time. That’s why I work with myself and others on the art of choosing. It frees us up to live more productively. It gets things done. Goals are reached. Work is accomplished. New levels of wealth and happiness are achieved. Choosing is non-linear time management and it is the way of all warriors. Choosing is a power that is often overlooked for an entire professional career. Until there is no choice left. That is one choice I wish not to AVOID!