The biggest intellectual breakthrough in the life of the great poet William Butler Yates came when he realized that happiness and growth were one in the same. They could not be separated. You can notice that for yourself: you are happy when you are growing. And no growth you’ve ever made has ever been effortless. Watch the nature film of the butterfly struggling to push through the cocoon. You will see effort. You will be moved. You will see the animating force within living beings. Watch the movie “Rocky.” You will see the hidden connection between effort and joy. Pay attention to your reaction to certain scenes in the movies. Pay attention to your goose bumps and your tears. They come in response to courage and effort. They never come in response to a scene in which someone is being comfortable. Its your spirit trying to tell you something. Its your yearning to struggle, to grow and to be happy. Happiness is growth. Advisors Ahead wants you to join us and grow and to be happy!