It took me years to learn that my emotions are not caused by other people. To know what Eleanor Roosevelt meant when she said, “No one can make me feel inferior without my permission.” As you look around today you will see happy people and sad people. They have created their happiness and sadness by first believing and then fastening, like velcro, onto their thinking.

In one of Cheri Huber’s books there is a cartoon drawing of a women with her depressed head hung low, and on her shirt front are the words, “Sad but safe.” Being a sad victim feels safe. We know others will try to comfort and understand us. Although, in reality it’s not safe. Sad thoughts are never safe, because they blind us to our options for action.

Happiness comes from being progressively wiser. From brightly lighting our consciousness with knowledge, fresh action and power. If knowledge is power (and in this day and age it surely is),then fresh new knowledge is added power. It’s the surge at the stem of the brain that we all love to feel. Happiness comes to those of us who keep learning and taking new actions based on that learning.

From all of us at Advisors Ahead, have a happy day and keep learning!