I always thought I was going to be truly happy once I retired. Sitting on a beach sipping a nice cool drink while listening to the crash of the surf. Then I retired and was bored in less than three months. In fact, I was miserable. I was not happy at all. I realized I was truly happy training Advisors or managing a group of talented, hard working Advisors. I loved the challenge. I loved building and growing. The great poet William Butler Yeats had a similar break through. He realized that happiness and growth were one and the same. They could not be separated. You can notice this in your own life and experience. And, no growth you have ever made has ever been effortless.

Watch nature films of the butterfly struggling to push through a cocoon. You will see effort. You will be moved. Watch the movie Rocky. You will see the hidden connection between effort and joy. Pay attention to your goose bumps and tears. They come in response to courage and effort. They don’t come in response to a scene which someone is being comfortable. Pay attention to why you are chocked up. It is your spirit trying to tell you something. It is telling you to give it all you got. That is where you will find your happiness.