The other day I spoke of procrastination as I believe it’s the major cause for so much hesitation and in activity. Why so many fail to achieve their goals. Winning the war on procrastination must start small. Start small , and the smaller the better. The mind makes all future tasks look big and scary. Even little things when we imagine doing them in the future get distorted and take on frightening proportions. Remember, objects in the mirror  of the future appear LARGER than they really are. Action is the answer. But not always big action. Try three minutes. And, make sure the action is effortless. As the say in Zen, effortless effort. Knowing I only have a three-minute commitment I just do the thing I was procrastinating about! That’s my new policy.

Just do that one thing—you know what it is–it’s the thing you’re thinking about right now. Don’t think in terms of patterns. None of this: “I always” or “I never” because those globalizing thoughts will never serve you well. They will scare you and make you a pessimist. Keep your life creative and simple: what needs to be done now in these three minutes? That’s all you ever need to ask, and you’ll never have anything like procrastination bother you again.