John Hayden wrote an incredible book titled, “The 21 Irrefutable Truths Of Trading.” While I am only 20% through the book, he had a section that speaks to beliefs, virtues and vices. He specifically targets how confidence and discipline plays an important part in being successful in the market. More so than trading systems, newsletters, etc. Here is what he said about changing physiology to gain total confidence.

“If you want to change your physiology so that it is totally confident, then ask yourself a question.”Can I remember a time that I had total certainty that I could accomplish any task? Can I remember a time that I was totally confident of my abilities? Then as you remember those experiences from your past, take the time to fully remember each event using all five senses. What were you seeing, hearing, feeling, touching and smelling? The last step is to adopt the same physiology as you had then. Breathe, move, and speak the same way. Now you have the physiology of a confident person. What happens if you have never felt totally certain? If you are sure that you have never experienced a feeling of certainty, then find a good role model and adopt her or his physiology. Be absolute certain of the outcomes you desire.