I went out of town for just a few days this past weekend. When I came back, my Orchids dropped flowers, my victory garden was wilted and my other plants looked feeble. It is amazing how things decline when you don’t pay utmost attention. It’s just not shrubs and flowers that react to lack of attention or focus. Look at you relationships, your health and your career. When you first dated your significant other, you couldn’t get enough time with each other. Than the kids, the job and life just got in the way. You blame the other for not caring, then their is the sarcasm and the dinners where you hardly speak to each other. Rather than spending more time, the gap gets wider as you focus less. The simple solution is to focus to grow. Vacations many times bring back the spark. They rejuvenate the spirit and the health. It grounds you into realizing again what is truly important. Whether you are gearing back to go to College or you have been in a career for sometime, get back to focusing on the things that are truly important. More focus and attention will make all these things blossom once again. And life will take on a different tone.