Sometimes that extra five minutes at the desk, or extra time in the gym surprises you as you just kicked it into a higher gear. You entered into a powerful new zone. A zone you always had but seldom entered. This doesn’t happen all of the time. And, if it doesn’t, you haven’t lost a thing. Just quit after those five minutes. BUT….it happens ENOUGH to really surprise you that you had so much more to give, and you had energy left you didn’t know you had. You thought you were too tired to go on. But, that was just a thought. You didn’t have to believe that thought. A thought is just a thought. Just go back to your desk, or project, look at the clock and tell yourself, five more minutes on this, that’s all. It’s amazing the wondrous places the mind can go in those five minutes. This reminds me of William James when he said:

Most people never run
far enough on their first wind
to find out they’ve got a second.
Give your dreams all you’ve got
and you’ll be amazed
at the energy that comes out of you.