I was always told by my father that what ever I do be the very best at it. He said if you are a floor sweeper, be the best floor sweeper. Always give it your all and you will be successful. What I didn’t realize, was that when I gave it my all it also made me happy. The following is from Dr. Viscott, a brilliant Psychologist, he said:

“If you cannot risk, you cannot grow. If you cannot grow, you cannot become your very best. If you cannot become your very best, you cannot be happy. And, if you cannot be happy, what else matters?”

You can see how there is a direct link between risking and happiness. Our greatest growth spurts are when we are children. When we are young, we dare, fall down even at the risk of embarrassment. Think about the crazy things you did at such a young age. But, you learned to walk, swim, ride a bike, ski, etc., Later, as an adult, we find habits, addictions and comfort zones to hide out in, not even knowing we are doing it until we are on our deathbeds looking back. We kick ourselves for not living more dangerously. For not taking more risks. I picture myself in a hospice room in the future. I hear loud noises and ask the nurse what is all the noise. She tells me its Ron in the room next door, kicking himself!

Get out of your comfort zone. Get happy!

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