Great words from a great song written by Simon and Garfunkle. Silence is a true gift. To be quiet while someone else has a chance to talk…..that is the wisdom of total silence. Listening is the great lost art in this age of ego, cell phones and mass agendas. The ever racing mind gets lost in its own worrisome future. It rarely listens to the vast opportunities being handed to it every moment of the day. Tom Peters/Thriving In chaos had a great quote.

“A Canadian bank executive recalled a listening program that one of his regions instituted. For about two weeks, all managers spent some time each day calling customers and asking, “How are you doing?” and “How can I help?” The results, he reports, were phenomenal. The customer feedback was terrific. Morale skyrocketed, and a bushel full of new business ensued.”

Listening need not be confined to sales or business. If you are going back to school, stay focused on every word the teacher says. When with friends, family or a partner really focus on practicing your listening skills. You might also be amazed at the results.