I had a Doctor’s appointment the other day, I’m mostly fine you will be happy to know. While the appointment was happening, I was paying attention to the Docs bedside manner, how he set and managed expectations, how he explained his various spells and incantations, how easy to understand he was, and how clearly he answered questions. He clearly explained his process, order of work and discussion. It was very professional and I was really happy. Got me thinking …

There is a wonderful study that Malcolm Gladwell referenced in his book BLINK, the gist of it is that Doctors who spend just a few minutes more time with their patient measured over an entire year are sued far less often then those Doctors whose clients feel rushed. To be clear, that’s “just a few minutes” as in “about three” over an entire year.

That’s good ROI.

It’s a simple, but powerful reminder of how powerful intimacy is. Actually being in the same room, building trust. Feeling reassured is priceless, you only know how good feeling secure feels when you lose it.

We all rush around, getting from here to there, cities or appointments. Racing the clock, racing through traffic, to get to the airport, to hustle for the quick line … We rush off one call to race to the next, each of us assuring the next person that we are busy.

But, we say “being busy” is better than not being busy. Caring is much better than busy.

Busy isn’t always good. Focus is amazing, but busy is just frantic and that isn’t good for you or your business.