“You have more to do than you can possibly do. You just need to feel good about your choices.” David Allen

Victims of time are victims of their own to-do lists. They make the list up, stare at the multitude of tasks to be done, and feel overwhelmed. They think to themselves, “I have more to do than I can possibly get done.” That thought alone acts as a central nervous system depressant. Just thinking “I have more to do than I can possibly get done” causes the victim to lose energy. Soon a huge sense of overwhelm and fatigue sets in. Consciousness clouds over. Weariness and depression sets in. The victim looks back down at the list and picks it up in a limp hand and then tosses it down. When someone peeks in at the victim and says, “Do you have a minute?” the victim says, “Of course.” Now the victim talks for twenty minutes about something not even on the list! It gets worse, and there’s no end to this.

The owner realizes something that this victim does not realize. Time management is not a matter of managing tasks, or time, or learning to multitask, or becoming organized, or any of that. Time management is about courage. Plain and simple. It is a boldness issue, and only boldness will solve the problem of time management. Only courage will demolish the list. And when someone pokes their head in and asks, “Do you have a minute?” you can smile and say NO!