“Don’t change other people. Be the change you wish to see in other people.” —– Gandhi

Creating the perfect day is not some monumental task. Most people never create that day because they always feel behind. In reality, you get to say what is urgent and what is not. Urgent doesn’t always have to come from an external source. If you really think about it, the feeling of being behind is just an optional concept. If I don’t believe that, then behind becomes a feeling. A feeling I have to wrestle with my entire life. Wake up in the morning and I begin to feel anxious because I already am feeling behind. Behind in getting my work at the office done. I am behind in getting in shape. I am behind in getting things around the house done. This insanity is just that.

Another way to create the perfect day, the perfect life, is to just let life happen. Sure you must work hard, stay organized, plan and be on top of things. But if I just let life happen, I will begin to love it. I can dance with anything. I’m never behind. I’m never ahead. I’m just happy here and now in a very non-linear way. So rise up and live now. Go with the flow of life. At the speed of life. Do the very thing in front of you. Do it happily and you will begin to enjoy each and every day. And, you will notice how much more productive you are.